Saturday, July 25, 2009

The monthly wrap-up

So it's been a while since a post...I haven't been feeling wordy.  (Saying that makes sense to me.)  BUT lots has happened over the last few weeks in Lala Land.  I'll inform you up to last weekend because it deserves it's own post.

Here's the general specific(s) (points to you if you caught that reference): 

  • Fourth of July:  I got to spend the fourth with my favorite people in LA-Jake and Lesley Roberts!  I went to their place in the Palisades and cooked and out and spent time with friends and then when it got dark (which California takes FOREVER to get dark at night!) we went up and sat on the roof and simultaneously watched the firework shows in Malibu, Will Rogers, and Santa Monica!  Once we saw all those finales, the started shooting them off 2 blocks in front of us at Pali High.  Even though I felt like a traitor to the lake (the general lake...doesn't matter which one), it was so fun to spend this holiday here, with some of the greatest people LA has to offer.
  • Later that week I was at Caffe Etc. (one of THE best places to eat in Hollywood) with my boss and he saw Joel Madden walking in.  They're friends (Joel has a studio in our office building) and he came over and I met him and we all talked for a while.  Something really respectable about Joel that my boss told me is that never in his life has he had one drink of alcohol or used any drug.  W2G, Joel.
  • The next weekend I finally saw some people I have known for more than 2 months!  My mom's best friend and husband came to LA and I got to take them to church and go out to lunch with them.  (Sidenote: at lunch, Whitney Port and I had a mild staring contest)
  • THEN, the next weekend, Mer and Dave came!  After spending-no exaggeration-45 minutes driving 4 miles on the 405, I floored it, spent some time illegally in the HOV lane, and made it to LAX to pick up my mom.  She and I had such a great weekend doing things that I haven't gotten to do all summer due to my lack of funds...and just spending time together.  (But really, if you're looking for a good day of meals in LA: The Waffle for breakfast, The Ivy for lunch and maybe some In-N-Out to round off the day.)
  • On Sunday, we went to pick up my dad from LAX, took him to Jake and Lesley's to meet them and have lunch and then went down to Orange County!  My parents had their 25th anniversary in June and were going down to celebrate in the OC and I got to come and spend 2 days with them.  It was a MUCH needed break from the crazy, fast pace of the city.  I also got to take off work Monday and first days off all summer.  PTL for that and for being on a beach that is not Santa Monica.
  • This post is long and the following weekend was one for the books, so I'll get around to posting about it soon.  Let's just say it has to do with a great friend, lots and lots of ridiculous things to laugh about and COLDPLAY.
Okay that's all!  KC, see you in 6 days and 23 hours, respectively.  (We're going off central time, here).

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