Friday, July 3, 2009

Seriously, foreign vacationers?

Today I was walking to my car from the Beverly Center, and I saw this mom, dad and son. They nervously approached me and this is the conversation that we had (I quickly figured out that they were from somewhere in Europe):

"Uh, escuza me? Escuza me?"
"You know ver Et Hotty ees?"
"Um...excuse me?"
"Et Hotty? Zee Et Hotty store?"
"Um, Ed Hardy?"
"Yeah. Actually if you just keep walking around this side of the building you'll get to the entrance and I'm pretty positive there's an Ed Hardy store in there."
"Ees dee flagsheep?"
"The flagship Ed Hardy store?! I have no idea, I'm sorry!"
"Ya the flagsheep Et Hotty store ees on this street or that?"
"Yeah...I don't actually know. But if you go to the store inside I bet they would tell you!"
"It's eenside?"
"Sir, I think there's an Ed Hardy store inside the Beverly Centre, I'm not sure if it's the flagship store or not, but I bet they could help you figure that out. Just go inside and up the escalator!"
"Okay, sank you. Sank you so, so much."

They were so precious and SO concerned about finding the flagship store.
The Ed Hardy flagship store. What!?

Then I was in another store and a man from Israel started a conversation for me and offered to buy me a pair of jeans in exchange for my phone number. What?

Only in LA.

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