Wednesday, August 5, 2009

please don't stop the rain

Me sharing this little nugget of joy needed to happen almost two days ago, but it made me so happy it's worth a late post.

I can't tell you how many times I prayed for rain over the course of my 86 days as a Californian. Easily, rain is my most favorite weather.  However, the Lord never saw fit to bless me with the cool, refreshing droplets and atmosphere and attitude that accompany it.

and THEN...

Tuesday morning, 5 am, sound asleep on my real mattress (three months on an air mattress in LA was enough) under my real covers and sheets that tuck in (another issue with the air mattress), I was woken up by the soft sound of raindrops on my window.  What started out as a gentle rain quickly became a thunder-you-feel-in-your-bones, lightning-you-see-through-your-eyelids storm.  I literally couldn't fall back asleep because I couldn't stop thanking Jesus.  I also kept saying, in the words of my man James, please don't stop the rain.

ALSO!  Tonight the littlest Lutz put PANDORA on my BLACKBERRY!  What!?  It is one of the greatest things you can imagine.  Pandora to go?  Yes please and thank you.  William Fitzsimmons Radio, thank you for bringing joy to my soul.

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