Friday, October 23, 2009


Although I admired scholarship so much in Cleric, I was not deceived about myself; I knew that I should never be a scholar. I could never lose myself for long among impersonal things. Mental excitement was apt to send me with a rush back to my own naked land and the figures scattered upon it. While I was in the very act of yearning toward the new forms that Cleric brought up before me, my mind plunged away from me, and I suddenly found myself thinking of the places and people of my own infinitesimal past.

I always love quotes by Willa Cather (especially this true) so yesterday I went to the Fayetteville Public Library and got one of her books and now I can't stop reading it. I feel like my reaction to so many things she says is like, "Ah! Exactly! Thanks for being so much better at verbalizing things than me!" So if you feel like it, look up some of her quotes or check out one of her books.
My Antonia, so far so good.

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