Thursday, October 29, 2009

so thankful (and warm)

so yesterday (early) morning my landlord came over with the most wonderful gift: the delonghi space heater. i fully realize how unattractive it is, but i may never have been more thankful for something considering the state of my room. my room was an add-on to my really old house and because of that, has no air registers in the floor. additionally, i have seven floor to ceiling windows and an exterior door right by my bed.

my bed used to involve:
  • 2 sheets
  • 2 blankets
  • 2 quilts
  • a down comforter
  • and another really thick comforter
under all of this, there have already been mornings that it was too cold to get out of bed and go to class. thanks to travis and the delonghi, i'll never skip again.
(what a joke.)

additionally, this does not at all compare to the warm morning at the fessfess.

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