Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ming-Hua Chung

I haven't been to statistics class in over two weeks and I have an exam today, a make-up exam tomorrow and the final on Monday.  So yesterday I went in to Ming-Hua (English name: Michael) Chung's office hours to try to learn all of this information by today.  He asked me what the last class was that I had been to, and when I told him I couldn't remember this is what he said (in broken English, of course):

"It will take too long for to teach you.  Don't try to learn or understand material, memorize practice quiz questions and answers."

I was really told that by my professor.   I was shocked/loved it.


  1. holy dear i lol-ed hardcore on that one. basically, don't learn or try to study AT ALL because you will epic fail...guess that takes a load off of your feet!

  2. the fact that i had no clue this was your blog because you went through this phase of changing it back and forth and i had no clue where to look upsets me.

    ...but i'm over it. good luck with statistics. and call me so soon.