Monday, June 22, 2009

hi world.

Was that arrogant of me to title this "hi world."?  Like, people all over the world read this?  Probably.  (Probably arrogant, not probably people all over the world read this.)  Anyway I apologize for snubbing this b as of late.

In other, more urgent news: like one second ago Regina's new album dropped.  PTL, "Laughing With" wasn't actually the best track from "Far".  In my opinion, the track that really brought home the bacon is "Eet," with "Dance Anthem of the 80s" and "Two Birds" following close behind.  Give me a few more listens to the album I actually bought* and then I'll humbly offer a more extensive opinion.

*this whole working in the music industry thing is super convicting when it comes to treasures like

More on the music front:  AFTER WEDNESDAY NIGHT I CAN CROSS A DREAM CONCERT OFF MY LIFE LIST.  Patty Griffin herself will be blessing me with the sweet, sweet sounds of (hopefully) "Heavenly Day", "Moses", "Every Little Bit", and in my wildest dreams, "Rain".  I think it's safe to say you can expect a blog post devoted solely to this concert.  (Which also features Shawn Colvin!!! Emmylou Harris-what a miserable name, and Buddy Miller.  It's sure to be unreal.)

Another topic that is recently relevant to my life (and probably should've received it's own post) is none other than Bikram Yoga.  And by Bikram Yoga I mean voluntary, self-inflicted pain that I paid for.  What can $13 get you in Studio City?  An hour and a half of yoga in a 115° room with mirrors on all sides.  I'm not exaggerating about the temperature either.  That's the point of Bikram.  The only slight comparison I can make is this: take the sweat from every single day of my life that I've spent at Kanakuk or visiting my brothers in July at Boy Scout camp, multiply it by about 7000, and you're getting close to how much sweat jumps off your body during these 90 minutes.  If the sweat weren't enough, the yoga poses themselves were some of the most difficult things of my life (granted I've never done yoga once.  Ever.).  For instance:

 this one, I did-

this one, I did not.  Next time, right? (Yeah right, I'm never going back): 

Next: today in the ally of my office there was a movie filming going on!  Unexcitingly, I don't know what for or who it's starring cause I couldn't see but there were fun signs everywhere saying "Filming in Progress" and huge Warner Brothers and Paramount semi trucks with equipment and set stuff and wardrobe rolling racks everywhere.  Fun!

So that's the latest!

Praise Him for:
  • Regina, Patty, the elliptical, six weeks left, skype


  1. you forgot to tell me about PATTY! is the offer still on the table for me to fly out there? i would even suffer through hot yoga if it meant i could see patty tomorrow.

    unreal. i adore your adventures! so grateful for you, you're quickly becoming a favorite.

  2. get. it. girl. you and your bikram. just stop it already. what ever happened to the elutz who didn't exercise with me? and just ate tostitos and pbj's?